You may not believe it, but your mattress is one of the dirtiest and most un-hygienic objects you come in close contact with on a daily basis. It can also be harmful to your health. Most people don’t realize it, but a dirty bedroom mattress can not only result in a restless sleep, but also can have negative side effects on your health like respiratory problems due to dust e.g coughing or sneezing. Mattresses like other furniture in your home can absorb odors from perfumes, after shave lotions, hair and body oils and products, perspiration and other bodily excretions. Not to mention that you are having sex on the same mattress on the bed that needs a good cleaning after. In addition, your mattresses is also subjected to a lot of dust, pollen, dead skin cells, and even dust mites and other insects. All in all, these things combined can wreak havoc on your bed. The only place for your solace after a long tiring day. Having your mattresses cleaned regularly, may result in more restful sleep and better overall health. We care about your health at Massapequa Carpet Cleaning and want to help you achieve a good night sleep and the sound peaceful sleep that you deserve.


We do the cleaning of your mattress and bed with non-toxic green and eco-friendly organic cleaners that are free from any kind of health hazard. In addition our services are expanded towards not only residential homes, apartments, flats, studios and mansions but also to commercial suites, hotels and corporate executive buildings.


We at Massapequa Carpet Cleaning pride ourselves on providing free consultation services and advice to people from all backgrounds from newly married couples to families with kids. With regards to your mattress, we have certain advice for you. We recommend that you should have your mattresses “Steam Cleaned” at least twice a year. Experts recommend that everyone should have their mattresses cleaned two or three times a year to keep it clean and odor free. Steam cleaners made for home use often leave your mattresses extremely damp taking hours if not days to dry. The longer your mattress remains damp the better chance mold and mildew has to grow. Our state of the art steam cleaners will clean your bedroom mattresses removing dirt, stains and odors. Our steam cleaners are also equipped with powerful extractors, which means your mattresses will dry much faster given mold and mildew less time to grow.


For more information related to our individual services schedule a free cleaning appointment with us or free consultation by calling us at the given number 1-929- 279-4525

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