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Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. You deserve to be comfortable in it, and you and your family expect to be healthy and safe in your home. Organic carpet cleaning can go a long way toward ensuring that Massapequa New York will provide you with chemical-free, organic carpet cleaning options. The carpeting in your home is responsible for providing insulation during those cold winters and heavy snows, adding to foot and leg warmth while providing a warmer place for small children to sit and play or animals to lie. Carpeting also comes under furnishing of a proper home and provides a sense of fashion by visually attracting your guests by added new textures and designs. It also helps keep noise reduction to a minimum as you know those wooden floor boards creek so annoyingly if left bare without proper carpeting. However, keeping the carpeting clean in your home can be a time consuming and work intensive endeavor that you don’t always have time for. Which is why we here at Massapequa Carpet Cleaning do everything we can to provide you and your family with the most convenient and highest quality carpeting cleaning at an affordable price.


Lets face it. We all know harsh chemicals are bad, but we are not always aware that there are options to those chemicals that offer great results, too. When you use fewer chemicals in cleaning projects around your home, you can rest assured that your family’s health and safety will not be adversely affected. You won’t want to put your family at risk in their own home, and organic carpet cleaning can help every New York citizen feel better about taking care of their carpeting.


We offer our valued customers the choice of following varieties of carpets:

  Polyester & polyester blends
  Wool & wool blends
  Furry Rugs


We are proud to offer our services for both residential and commercial based clientele. For our residential customers we try and make our carpet cleaning services as convenient as possible by offering extended carpet cleaning hours from 8 to 8 and same day cleaning services for those times when unplanned company is going to be dropping by or those unexpected breaks in your schedule. We also provide commercial carpeting cleaning to apartment complexes and property management companies, while offering our commercial carpet customers the same extended office hours and same day cleaning services.


For more information related to our individual services schedule a free cleaning appointment with us or free consultation by calling us at the given number 1-929- 279-4525

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